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It is quite possible to 'conjure' Spirits into your Dreams to make Lucid of experience, which of a technique the ancient Shamans extensively explored. The book above investigates Lucid Dream sexuality concerning the conjuration of Succubae, which the Tibetan Buddhist would call Kadomah, the Hindu and Tantric know as Dakinis. The technique was not indulged in by Shamans for hedonistic reasons; it was utilised as a means to introvert the sexual impulse into the Dream state in order to empower 'Lucid Dreaming' as well as negating the fear of internal ingress into inner space.


The book also looks into the techniques utilised by Parapsychologists to create a 'Ghost,' which in Tibetan Bon-Po Buddhism is known as a Tulpa. Whereupon you can 'construct' a Succubus to engage yourself with, which can potentially generate Poltergeist phenomenon. The video below concerns the Philip experiment, which was conducted by a group of Parapsychologists back in the 1970's who successfully created a Tulpa.

The more powerful manifestations of Spirits within your Lucid Dreams will be dependent upon their 'Archetypal' association, which is covered in the book; such as the Archetype of the Witch, whose symbol is most powerful.


Succubae, otherwise called Dakinis have a modern expression within your symbolic Dreams; for example, the Dakini who is known as Kurukulla would very likely manifest as a Schoologirl within your Lucid Dreams, when to conjure her.


The Spirits are primarily informational entities, which can take many different forms within your Dreams; when you achieve a Lucid Dream you are then enabled to conjure a Spirit into a definite human form.


Most of the classical Grimoires are primarily fixated upon an all male pantheon of Spirits, which are essentially Incubi, whether they be Angelic or Demonic. The all male fixation has an underlying sexual orientation; this pantheon of Incubi can be reversed, should you desire to conjure Succubae instead.


The book also covers Lucid Dream conjurations of Succubae in order to engineer consciously wrought Synchronicities; whereupon a conjured Succubus becomes as your personal Genie.


The book also looks into the sexual dynamic between a practitioner and his conjured Succubus; for example in classical Ritual Magick you have a Magician who is the Master of a Demon whom is his conjured Slave; however, the Spirits, which are depicted in the Grimoires are all butch male entities; when you reverse the all male pantheon of machismo Spirits to that of a female one, you will begin to see what is actually going on, which involves an underlying sexual dynamic; but remember, this dynamic is not externalised of a hedonistic turn on, nor is it projected upon another person to see as a Slave; it is internalised of an emotionally charged 'active imagination' exercise in order to empower a Lucid Dream conjuration of a Spirit.


You will of course consider that the sadomaochistic symbolism of Ritual Magic to be rather perverse; but you will have to keep in mind that the subconscious arena of your 'reptilian-brainstem' Dreams will not ascribe to the morality of your conscious mind, so your externalised judgemental moralisations do not apply.


Wherefore, whatever shadowy material you will confront within your Dreams will have to be transmuted into another form; hence, you have to be the Master over your conjured Succubae.


The Spirits, which are listed in the classical Grimoires are often associated with a seven fold heirarchy of planetary spheres, which you can easily equate with the seven Chakras as well as the educational hierarchy of school years; the school being an archetypal symbol. The initial manifestation of a conjured Succubus is that of an abstract form, which is that of her Sigil/Seal, then that of an Animal, which represents her atavistic energetic quailty, before she then assumes a human form.


Prior to the Lucid Dream manifestation of a Succubus, the practitioner has to practice ritualistic meditation, visualiation techniques, and active imagination, in order to achieve a Lucid Dream conjuration of a Succubus, which the book covers. The Succubus Evocation book also investigates 'Love Magic,' which involves the conjured Lucid Dream Succubus setting up the Synchronistic opportunities to meet a Lover.


Should you take your Lucid Dreaming practice further you will have your very own Grimoire, listing Succubae.

The conjuration of Succubae will also enable you to negate the symbolic 'brainwash' of your subconscious mind. The all male pantheon of (Archetypes) Spirits permeates all levels of your culture, which is that of an Egregore influence, whose Viral-Meme reality is sustained by the many minds of the indoctrinated.


The book also covers how you can construct names, Sigils and Seals for your Succubae, such as using the classic Rose Cross, now called the Succubus Rose Sigil Creator; as for the Cross, it is that of the dogmatic brainwash to be negated; although, at another level of a deeper understanding, the Cross represents the 'Solar Cross' amidst the Zodiac, as well as conscious trance ingress into the 'Rose' (Vagina) Womb Dream. In other words, the setting 'Sun' of your consciousness enters into the 'Luna' womb of the subconscious Dream, which requires you to sacrifice yourself to your inner reality as you would do to a Lover.

The 'Animation' below shows you how the above 'Succubus Rose Sigil Generator' is utilised to find a Sigil for the Name of your personal Succubus.

The book also covers another method of Sigil creation from which to derive personal Sigils and Seals for your Succubae; its technique is based upon the work of the Sorcerer Artist, Austin Osman Spare, although it has been taken further.


The Succubus Evocation book is a summarisation of techniques, which will enable you to conjure Succubae into your Dreams to make Lucid of awareness.


The symbol of the Horned Goat is that of the Christian demonisation of the Horned Shaman, along with demonising the feminine principle and sexuality; hence there is no historical evidence of a Grimoire listing female spirits, nor is such a tome explored of modern era; suffice to say, if you are looking for a real banned book of a Necronomicon, it would list Nightgaunt Succubae, which I have created. When you practice Lucid Dream conjurations of the Succubae you will be essentially practicing Sorcery of a technique, which of an internal reality a Shaman to know.


The Succubus Evocation book also covers Cyber-Shamanism and cybernetics, involving the tool of computer games in order to induce Luid Dreams; hence, you can construct Succubae as you would do for a computer game; however, the virtual reality you will be experiencing will be that of a Lucid Dream within which you will become as your (magical persona) Avatar.

The Succubae can assume differing forms and characteristics who are all aspects of the 'ANIMA' residing within the psyche of a heterosexual male; whereas the all male pantheon of Angels and Demons, God and Devil are that of the 'ANIMUS' residing within the psyche of a heterosexual female. The techniques described in the Succubus Evocation book can be utilised by other sexual orientations; however, the book is primarily heterosexually orientated. Those of a sexual orientation who prefer to conjure Incubi Angels and Demons do not need to reverse the symbolism of the already established symbolic paradigm of an all male pantheon.